Stelvio pass

The Stelvio Pass at 2758 m. of elevation is one of the highest Pass in Europe and is located inside the homonym National Park.

As one of the largest summer ski destination in the Alps, it also offers leisure activities like hiking, trekking and mountain biking.

Along its hairpin bends took place some of the most beautiful pages of cycling history, for which was attributed the name of Cima Coppi for antonomasia.

Reachable from late May to early November either by the nineteenth-century road Donegani, (a winding path masterfully inserted into the landscape that connects the Province of Sondrio with the one of Bolzano), or from Switzerland along the route that leads to Passo Umbrail (2502 meters) from Santa Maria Monastery, (the road was rebuilt on the ancient route dating from the fourteenth century).

Both ways leading to the Pass are scenic pleasantly slowed down by hairpin bends (32 for the first and 48 for the second) that provide an overview of the alpine meadows and pastures at high altitude; the distance from Bormio (1225 m) is 22 km, while the one from Spondigna (885 m) is 27.5 km.

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