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The Mountain Hut, built in the sixties, was constructed next to the ruins of the old Swiss hotel bombed during the World War I (1915 - 1918) from a military base at the site "Forte Venini" Oga, situated at a straight line distance of  11 km.

During the Great War the trenches, the ovens of the kitchens and the now tumbledown buildings scattered throughout the surrounding were shelter for more than 2000 Austro-Hungarian soldiers.

After the defeat of the Austrian Empire, the border was redefined and the territory of the current province of Bolzano, became part of Italy.

Perhaps in order to increase the patriotism or even to revive the popular belief that the "the hero of two worlds" went up to the top of the Stelvio Pass (known at that time as Ferdinandshöhe), the peak "Dreisprachenspitz" was renamed "Cima Garibaldi" during the fascist period.

It was not until the summer of 2003 that the demarcation of the exact border between the city of Bormio and Stelvio was agreed upon, fortunately with no other war.