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Mountain Hut

The Garibaldi Mountain Hut, in the Stelvio National Park, is also known as Dreisprachenspitze, and gets its name homonym pick on which it lays at 2845 m., located at Stelvio Pass (2758 m.) close to the border between Sondrio Province, Bolzano Province (in the past Austrian territory) and the Swiss Canton of Graubünden.
The stones located two meters away from the Mountain Hut highlight the borders between Switzerland, the Lombardy Region and Alto Adige Region.

The name Dreisprachenspitze, translated from German means “pick of the three languages” and it highlights the fortuitous encounter of the three spoken languages: Italian, German and Ladin.

The building has the aspect of a castle and from the terrace you can admire in all its majestic magic and magnificence the Ortles (3905 m.), the Bernina (4049 m.) and the faraway Cime della Palla Bianca - Weißkugel (3739 m.) and the Piz Buin (3312 m.)

The Mountain Hut offers bedrooms furnished in alpine style, bar service, restaurant with typical cuisine – for which reservation is recommended – and bicycle storage facility for Mountain Bike lovers

For the "Great War" fans it is possible to explore the findings discovered in the area nearby and further through the different paths that start from the Mountain Hut. Through the eyes of a nature lover – are seen as the link between heaven and earth.